Self Funded Solar Storage Has Arrived With AllGrid Energy

AllGrid Energy is incredibly proud to introduce you to Australia’s very first, most cost-effective domestic storage unit, WattGrid. The deliverance of affordable storage technology into the hands of ordinary people like us is the next exciting moment of technological transformation. Thanks to WattGrid, our relationship to the energy we consume, and the means by which we make it, will never be the same.


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AllGrid Energy Welcomes you to the
Energy Evolution

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands across our great nation and pay respect to Elders both past and present.

We are grateful for the opportunity and committed to continuing the empowerment of our First People.

The Moment Where Everything Changes

All systems, be they ecological, sociological or technological, utilise the transformative processes of evolution.

For millions of years, all life on Earth was confined to the oceans. Year in year out, millions of fish struggled hopelessly onto land, or died as the water dried up around them. For some, gills and fins began to morph into lungs and limbs, but still too small and weak for life on land. Driven by the necessity for survival in an ever changing environment, they pushed onwards as limbs and lungs grew. Until somewhere on the planet, the moment arrived when the first fish completed their transformation to claim the land. And life on Earth was never the same again. Evolution!

Technological Transformation

Fast forward to our modern world in which our progress, development and technological advancement has been in hyperdrive since the discovery of oil in 1859. Landscapes have been transformed beyond recognition and the arteries of our cities and suburbs pulse with the oil that creates and sustains them.

Over the last few decades, our phenomenal progress has meant that we have been fortunate enough to experience many transformative moments in technology - the first television broadcast, the rise of the internet, the first smart phone. Every few years there is a moment in which everything changes and it becomes difficult for us to even remember what it was like before. Thus we evolve.

Where to from here?

Continuous technological advancements and the decreasing costs of manufacturing renewable energy sources has brought us to the brink of being fossil fuel free. Our societies still have along way to go, but the future is arriving almost as fast as we can dream it. In Australia, 1.4 million households now produce a portion of their energy needs through solar generation. But without access to affordable storage, grid independence has been an impossible dream, leaving consumers struggling with high electricity bills. However, as technology developments continue to cause the clean energy industry to evolve, this could all be set to change beyond recognition!

WattGrid Battery Storage has Arrived!