WHO We Are

The research and development, and ultimately the release of WattGrid, has brought several groups together.

CIH Solar

CIH Solar

 CIH Solar director, Dean Stehling, has been in the energy sector for over 25 years. The CIH Solar team bring together a comprehensive package of skills. From research and development; design and Innovation; manufacturing and installation; marketing and positioning; project management and assessment; strategic analysis and alliances; and auditing and compliance; CIH Solar stands at the cutting edge of technological achievement and business innovation.

CIH Solar

DICE Australia

all grid energy DICE australia key partnerships

Dedicated to Indigenous Communities and Employment

DICE Australia is a 100 percent Indigenous owned and operated company Dedicated to Indigenous Community and Employment. DICE has been a leading electrical contracting firm for the past 10 years, and has successfully delivered services across Australia.

DICE is an industry leader in the field of electrical contracting, however the company name and brand DICE now stand for so much more. DICE has become a multi-faceted, ever-evolving platform, delivering work in all aspects of the construction industry. DICE continues to seek out individuals and companies who share similar visions and values, to ensure the dreams of DICE become a reality.

Our company’s vision is to encourage Indigenous business engagement by promoting employment and facilitating business ownership. Where possible, DICE chooses to engage, mentor and support local, regional and national Indigenous businesses.

DICE’s founder and director, Raymond Pratt, believes that growth and support for Indigenous business ownership within the wider community will advance Indigenous entrepreneurship, and thereby improve social and employment opportunities and overall well being for Indigenous people.

A Strong Alliance

AllGrid brings together high levels of expertise, our extensive networks with clients, contractors and customers, and our passion for sustainability and renewable technologies. Together we have combined to create a new entity that will not only bring the first state of the art affordable storage to the Australian public, but as an Indigenous corporation a percentage of our profits will create training and work programs for indigenous youth of Australia. With battery storage set to radically alter the production and supply of power for domestic and commercial consumers, the AllGrid team are perfectly poised to ride the crest of this transformative energy wave.

Executive Team
Ray Pratt – CEO/Director
Dean Stehling – Director

Chief Technical Officer
Michael Berris

Marketing and P/R
Deborah Oberon

Business Development Manager

Account Manager


Raghu Nagaraju

Our Vision

We work hard with DICE and other organisations to promote positive employment outcomes and engage with local communities to create growth. Read more about our vision and the work we do with DICE here.


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