Renewable and Bio-technology Solutions to Re-Generate Communities

The Oasis strategy has been designed to facilitate self-sufficiency in remote and off-grid communities. Through the introduction of a package of energy efficiencies, renewable and bio-technologies, employment and revenue streams can be created to generate a localised economy and regenerate the community.

Research and development into innovative technologies that can be used to create regional epi-centres is moving at a fast pace.

school kids
Solar power has provided energy for air-conditioning at the Barkly community school, which has improved the education outcomes for 15 children via the School of the Air program.

Situating bio-technology facilities, such as Bio-diesel plants, near communities that have the capacity to farm drought resistant high yield crops, creates the possibility for revenue streams to be established. The need for people to farm the land offers employment opportunities and steady progress towards a return to self-sufficiency.

True community independence can only be achieved with energy, income and communication independence. Self-sufficiency creates the possibility for self-determination. Our intention is to introduce new products and services through industries that are currently not available in Australia, in order to provide real economic security to Indigenous communities.

A source of abundance in a desert of depletion

Collaboration is our strength. Through our networks and alliances, and in conjunction with Natural Fiber Technologies, we are taking great pride in co-developing The Oasis Strategy.

Although nations are succeeding in bringing more electricity to more people today, those efforts have barely kept pace with population growth. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates 1.2 billion people live in energy poverty around the world. Yet everyday, enough renewable energy is available to power the world for the next 50 years.

Energy is the entry level intervention from which all other services can flow. 


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