Dedicated to Indigenous Community and Employment

DICE Australia is Dedicated to Indigenous Community and Employment. We believe that all growth, both of an individual or an organisation, is achieved through self-actualisation.
DICE Australia isn’t just a business; it’s a family, a network and a community, one that grows richer and stronger every single day.

DICE Australia is a proudly indigenous owned and operated company. We are dedicated to our mission to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous people through the implementation of training, mentoring and leadership.

As an Indigenous owned company, DICE also strives to create positive employment outcomes for ATSI employees in line with State and Federal Government ATSI employment initiatives.

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Engaging In Communities

DICE personnel are engaged in projects within Indigenous Communities daily. DICE recognises the importance of conducting ourselves within the Communities in a respectful and professional manner. Sensitivity to cultural differences, beliefs and traditions underscores our work methodology .

In this spirit we welcome the newest members of the DICE community, the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation of Jigamy Farm, Eden NSW.

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Twofold Aboriginal Corporation

Through this latest partnership DICE Contracting and Twofold Aboriginal Corporation are providing real opportunities to community members and working together to grow Twofold Aboriginal Corporation into a profitable construction business. Through this partnership we are creating long term opportunities and positive change.

Using this same ideology, we plan to engage with all Indigenous Land Councils on a national scale so together we can create real opportunities for Aboriginal people. Through the provision of employment opportunities we can enable the processes of personal and professional development, and the expansion of individual and collective skills and capabilities. Empowered and independent communities are then more able to regain influence and control over the development of the land that has been passed down from generation to generation.

“Best of Breed” Partnerships

Dice Environmental has strategically partnered with the “best of breed” through our broad network of leading, dynamic and innovative enterprises within the sustainability industry. Our partners are thought leaders who are continuously making positive change so that our actions today are not jeopardising the lives of others tomorrow. Together, we are making businesses BETTER; financially, socially and most importantly, environmentally!

Positive change can only be achieved through our core principles of education and training. Our “best of breed” partners boast nationally and internationally proven capabilities in all aspects of environmental performance as showcased although not limited to AllGrid Energy.

It is with the greatest of pride we step into our new role as partners and founding members of AllGrid Energy, a company that stands on the cutting edge of technological innovation. Renewable technology is currently one of the most exciting and inspiring areas of change and development, and it is undoubtedly the single most important field that will provide us with the tools to fundamentally alter our relationship to the Earth’s finite resources.

The release of the WattGrid storage system into the domestic market as an Indigenous product is unprecedented in modern Australian history. As the first most cost effective storage system in the Australian market, WattGrid represents the fusion of our deep and long standing respect for the Earth’s precious resources with a modern technology which will enable us to harness those resources sustainably.

A Strong Alliance, a Shared Vision and Enlightened Leadership

AllGrid Energy brings together a team of energetic resourceful people who are committed to delivering affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions. Research and development is a core component of our business and our team are hard at work developing exciting new technologies such as parasitic wind turbines and domestic bio-gas water heaters.

A strong alliance is based on shared values. AllGrid Energy values Indigenous people’s  innovative projects within their own communities.  We welcome the contribution of Indigenous owned and operated companies to the energy evolution wherever possible. Our collaborative approach supports the prosperity and well being of the Indigenous people who are working  to create communities that can achieve opportunity, healing, responsibility and self-empowerment.

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Our Vision

For thousands of years Indigenous Australians lived, not just sustainably, but harmoniously with the land, our home. Nurtured and supported by its rich abundance and diversity, we honoured the Earth and knew dignity in our role as custodians.

We would like you to share our dream and join a community that has the courage to challenge the status quo. Our dream is a reality, we believe it, we see it and we live it…education, employment generation, sustainable stewardship and respect of our country.

All Australians have an obligation to be custodians of this land. By understanding and learning from the past, our past, we can dream a future that embraces us all as equally deserving members of the human race.

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