WattGrid and Australia’s First Truly Self-Funding System

Our cost-effective storage system, coupled with the right sized solar system and special higher feed-in tariff (FIT) can fund itself so your customer doesn’t have to!

AGE through our partnership with an electricity retailer will organise for the customer to receive up to 3 times more than the current government FIT for their solar export. This means the system we offer can be sized so that the additional export to the grid coupled with the solar/storage savings pays for itself!

Here’s how we do it:

AllGrid Self-funding model for a Queensland residence – EXAMPLE ONLY

7kw solar system and 10kWh WattGrid Storage system. Systems produces an average of 32kWh per day
(4.5 hours of solar peak generation – zone 3)

$18,000.00 package

Home uses 2kw per day during peak generation time and excess is exported to the battery. Battery stores 10kWh and delivers during non-solar generation time.
Total of 12kWh per day x $0.28 = $3.36 x 365 days


Remaining 19kWh to go to Grid x $0.22 (Ave FIT) = $4.07 x 365 days
(19kWh takes battery inefficiencies into consideration) (FIT provided by electricity retailer)*(standard installation only)


Total saved

$2,711.95 pa

Total Customer annual electricity spend
Annual repayments after deposit for low-interest Green loan

Customer can nominate for the electricity retailer to make repayments on their behalf for their system, along with the general electricity charges and the FIT credits via generation exported to the grid.

Result- total cost $4000 pa less $2,711.95


This achieves almost a 40% reduction to customer electricity bill while the system is being self-funded.

Electricity Rate is $0.28 kWh without a WattGrid system
Comparative Electricity Rate(or known as the levelised cost of energy) is $0.20 kWh with a WattGrid system

Once repayments are complete the comparative electricity rate will be under $0.05 per kWh.

(FIT based on $0.20 per kWh for 25% of total generation and balance of generation at $0.10 per kWh above state FIT)(tariff based on $0.28 per kWh)(state FIT $0.08)