The WattGrid team also offer commercial systems with greatly increased capacity. System sizes start at 100kW and up to 1000kW. In fact, we are currently in negotiations with SA Health to introduce storage to the first hospital in Australia. We have already signed a partnership agreement with one of the largest renewable funders on the planet, Sun Edison, to fund our commercial systems through Power Purchase agreements, where we can offer our systems at a cent-per-kwh rate rather than requiring upfront cappex.

AllGrid Energy have also started discussions with many groups including Central Desert Council (Aboriginal villages), Parks and Wildlife, Ergon Energy and Department of Defence to name a few.

We offer two main commercial solutions to your solar storage needs. Click on each to find out more.

PortaGrid™– Sustainable Power Generation Systems

Portagrid™ Power Systems provide an easily transportable power generation solution in a number of applications.


Stand Alone Power Systems – With its retractable and detachable solar array*, and scalable modular design format,Portagrid™ Power Systems are ideal for significantly or completely reducing your fuel and fuel related logistics. The cost of maintenance and replacement costs are dramatically reduced, as well as providing a solution to reduce the associated environmental and personal risks in transporting fuel and maintaining diesel generators.

Battery Backup – When the power goes off, don’t worry about the loss of productivity and income from the delay caused by diesel generator back-up supply. Portagrid™ systems provide a system that ensures a seamless change-over. The Portagrid™ system can also be charged from Solar if required.

Load management – systems include peak lopping and grid smoothing and shaping. Portagrid™ can provide a state of the art power control system which can significantly reduce demand tariff energy costs and also provide the ability for organisations in constrained or isolated grid areas to install and utilise Solar PV generation systems that otherwise would not have been approved by the network operator.

With a continuous power output capability up to 3 -160kW three phase as well as a modular and scalable solar array up to 130kW, Portagrid™ is the choice for Sustainable Energy Generation.

For enquiries phone the Portagrid™ team on 1300 855 789.

*(Global patent pending)


Research and development is a core component of our business. Billions of dollars are being invested in clean, renewable technologies that will alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels across the globe. Amazing technological advancements are regularly being made, not just by industry leading groups, but just as often by individual designers and engineers.

We excel in establishing and nurturing our networks and alliances and are committed to supporting the transition of design excellence to commercial and cost effective realities.

We find being a part of the renewable industry one of the most exciting and inspiring places to be. Let us share our passion with you!

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Currently under-development is the BioGrid, a bio-mass unit that uses food scraps and household waste to generate bio-gas as an LPG replacement. In Australia we throw out approximately 8 billion dollars a year in uneaten food, most of which ends up in landfill. Our new unit will create bio-gas using anything from oil to food scraps of any type; even pet excrement can be used. This waste is transformed into gas which can be used for cooking or running the BBQ. Massive savings can be achieved with larger units to replace conventional hot water systems.

A larger Biomass unit will also allow remote communities, commercial kitchens and restaurants, and hotels of all types to use their waste to create gas to run their kitchens, combating the ever increasing costs of gas in Australia and the world, while reducing waste collection costs, and addressing the issue of landfill pollution.