WattGrid is a battery storage system that allows you to store power from your solar panels during the day and use it when you most need it during the afternoon or night.

WattGrid has a storage capacity of 7kw, 10kw or 12kw. The average family home uses approximately 24kWh per day. When combined with 3-4kW of solar panels on your roof, the WattGrid will offer an average of 12kWh per day, which could mean a 50 percent saving on your quarterly electricity bill.

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  • WattGrid series offers the highest storage capacity on the market today at the most affordable and practical price.
  • It incorporates load-share capability. This means that the WattGrid series uses all stored power before it takes from the grid.
  • Free 24/7 monitoring enables you to identify problems before they occur.


To offer you a PowerPartners program, we need to first establish your true energy consumption.  A detailed analysis of your business’ data provided by your energy retailer allows us to establish exactly how much energy is being consumed during the peak solar generation hours of the day.

Two major aspects need to be identified:

  • How much power do you use?
  • How much power can you manufacture?

Our use of state-of-the-art reduction technology ensures the highest level of generation possible and ensures you don’t export energy to the grid. Our systems are scalable allowing us the ability to increase generation as new storage technology becomes available.

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