How can solar storage improve your current solar power system?

Solar storage is the evolution of traditional grid connect solar power systems. While a standard solar system captures sunlight and turns it into power for use during sunlight hours, it is unable to provide power without direct and constant sunlight.This means that in the late afternoon and at night, when energy is needed most, very little energy is produced by your solar PV panels.

This is where solar storage is revolutionising the energy industry. Lead-acid battery systems are able to capture all of a household’s excess power and store it for when it is needed later in the day. The WattGrid storage unit will contain tubular lead-acid gel batteries, a 5-kilowatt solar inverter, a battery management system and a mobile and tablet app to monitor your system’s performance.

Many existing solar panel owners are beginning to add battery storage to their solar systems due to increased affordability and long-term financial benefits. Surprisingly, battery storage has existed in Australia for a long time, however prices have simply made it inaccessible for most customers.

WattGrid Series

This is exactly what inspired AllGrid to develop the WattGrid 10 solar storage system, an affordable and quality product that is more accessible for all Australians.The WattGrid is an affordable small-scale, all-in-one battery storage system for both residential and commercial use. The WattGrid system works alongside existing solar panel installations, enhancing their performance by capturing excess solar power throughout the day, storing it and then providing it during peak energy consumption hours.

AllGrid four basic modes:

  1. Solar: During the day, solar power is drawn directly from the PV panels and any excess energy is diverted into the batteries.
  2. Battery: When there is no direct sunlight shining on the PV panels, energy is then drawn back out of the batteries.
  3. Grid backup: When there is a blackout, WattGrid draws from emergency battery reserves just for prioritised electrical circuits such as the fridge and appliances.
  4. Time-of-use tariff arbitrage: For customers who’s electricity is more expensive in peak periods, battery use is prioritised for peak pricing periods in order to reduce electricity costs.

This four tiered system designed by AllGrid ensures that your solar storage system will give you the absolute best value possible on the market.

Why is Battery Storage Important?

Australia’s solar industry is the perfect environment for the AllGrid revolution, with 1.5 million households already installed with solar PV panels that are ready to be enhanced by the WattGrid storage system.

AllGrid doesn’t just hope to transform the energy consumption of Australia’s many solar users, it also offers whole system installations including solar PV panels for solar power beginners.

Growth in the solar energy sector is central to reaching Australia’s renewable energy targets by 2020. Due to the steady increase in government rebates and incentives for the adoption of storage systems, the WattGrid has never been a more in demand product.

As renewable energy growth continues around the world, battery storage systems will become more and more vital to our every day lives. Fossil fuels are also becoming an increasingly unstable industry, making renewable energy innovation even more important for the future of energy consumption.

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